Dave is also here.

For all of his vocabulary and work in the fine arts, some broadcasting and years of customer service, Dave is surprisingly reserved around the general populace.  Some say that he has a secret pain that has warped his opinion of most people into an utter contempt for the general populace. Others say the reason you never see his right middle finger is because he’s hiding a Red Lantern ring and has become consumed with the rage of the cosmos.  Yet others insist he’s just kind of a d**k who keeps to himself.

No matter how one slices it (and the only way to slice is in wedges, you square piece, thin-crust eating Philistines!) Dave is brought out of his hovel and up from under his bridge for episodes because the man knows comics.  The very first comic that he read was in 1992 (Darkhawk #1). He received his very own first comic shortly thereafter (X-Men #4, the first appearance of Omega Red) and kept up with the culture for years. But it wasn’t always easy, weary travelers.  There was a dark time in his life and in the lives of many. A time filled with overly large-legged jeans, Girls of Spice, depressing TV shows aimed at teens and laughably voice-acted superhero cartoon shows (Except for Batman: The Animated Series). We know this time as the 1990’s.  These terrible years served as Dave’s formative years. In these years people were still openly mocked and taunted for their love of superheroes and comic books. In these days Dave kept his passion a secret. He kept it safe.

Finally, a dawn arrived with the late 90’s and the early 2000’s.  Nerdom emerged from it’s sticky, tortilla chips and Bawls smelling hiding places and stepped into the blinding light that they hadn’t seen because, dude, we were SO close to beating those other kids on Starcraft!  The nerds rose! They claimed the box office! They retook the comic shops from the edgelords! THEY TOOK THE T-SHIRT SALES AT KOHL’S (or whoever is willing to pay us for the plug here!)

With nerd culture permeating the mainstream, Dave has become the go-to for many of his family, friends and coworkers for character, story arc, and Easter egg explanations.  Dave does have quite a few other interests and hobbies as well:

  • Dave has been an avid video game player ever since he received a Nintendo Entertainment System for Christmas at the age of 3-4.
  • Dave is a former professional wrestler and still enjoys watching it today.
  • Dave has an extensive collection of board games and enjoys hosting board game nights with family, friends, and coworkers.  Don’t talk to him about board games unless you’re strapped in for a long conversation.
  • Dave also has a tremendous film library.  Seriously, you see it and think, “There’s no way he’s seen even half of these.”  He has. It’s baffling.

Despite his gruff demeanor and ever-present sarcastic tone, not to mention his fundamental inability to take anything seriously, Dave does enjoy sharing his passions with the listeners of Nerdsplain It and anyone who is willing to listen to him ramble on in general.  If you ever have questions about Dave’s favorite movies, music, comics, characters, games or what makes him tick, just drop a line on the Nerdsplain It socials, website, or voicemail line and he’ll do his level best to give you an honest answer. But don’t ask him about his favorite movie.  It’s a complicated answer that will require you to break it into genres. Ever seen High Fidelity? It’s a lot like how they talk about music.