Hi there!

So you want to know more about me; well let’s dive DEEP (within reason)!

     I am what you’d call a ‘jack-of-all-trades’ kind of guy. My level of interest extends to all types of trades; although what I am most passionate about are tech and entertainment. Although born in the ‘80s, my development in the ‘90s were definitely pivotal to the man I’ve become today. There was something about waking up on early Saturdays mornings to watch awesome cartoons that had opened the flood gates to a world of awesome entertainment.

     From Tiny-Toon Adventures to X-Men to Street Sharks to Eek the Cat, my interest in animated cartoons became huge! That said, comic books to this day has never been an avenue of entertainment in my life’s journey, but I have always been interested in the story’s they hold between those dramatically illustrated pages. Call it lazy, but I was ‘that guy’ whom would wait for it to be animated on television.

     Art has been a part of my life since I was young. If you are one to say ‘art runs in the family’, I suppose I received my artistic race from my father. So in a sense, comic books and anime alike, I have a high level of appreciation in the styles of storytelling; but again, I’ve not found myself heading out to the stores to collect the next big comic issue.

     When the idea of Nerdsplain It was pitched to me, I immediately jumped at the opportunity. As a fan of what content I’ve been exposed to thus far, I knew this would be the perfect gateway of exposure to content that I’ve missed all these years. Although this journey for Nerdsplain It is new for us, I, like yourself, will also have an additional journey in learning lots of new information but in a way that is fun and engaging! So let us sit back together, turn up the volume and get this show on the road!