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Youve made it this far into our website to find our bios and you want to know a little more about us? Well, my Nerdsplain It origin story begins in the year 2011. I started this job at V-Stock in St. Peters, Missouri. I spent weeks working to set up and open this store I knew nothing about, it is a nerds heaven; comic books, video games, movies, books, etc. As we worked to get the store ready to open I met my new coworkers, which included House and Dave. During the three years that I worked there I became good friends with both House and Dave. We would spend evenings after work hanging out. Sometimes I would just sit there and watch as they would play Magic the Gathering for hours, or watch as one of the guys played through a video game upon, or try my very best to keep up and understand the conversations and debates the guys would have about comic books and their favorite characters. At the time I did not know them well enough to admit that I knew almost nothing about, I was afraid to ask questions. I began reading more and more comic books, but I felt lost in this massive archive of reading material. I had no idea where to begin. Fast forward a few years, Ive grown a bit, and learned to live unapologetically.

Wookiee began joined the V-Stock family. House and Dave began to build a friendship with Wookiee. I moved on to another job, but I continued to read comics, and threw aside the fear of being mocked for knowing nothing. House was my go to guy to understand all things comics. It was here where the vision for Nerdsplain It began. I had a few reasons why I was determined to create this podcast;

  1. Comics are cool. Sure, I want everyone to experience the adventure that comics present to us but when it really came down to it As I read these stories, I was inspired to better than I was. Comics showed me an ideal, and challenged me to reach for it. From that moment I was determined to make it as easy as possible for someone to step into this world of comic books, to see and feel the inspiration to better to ourselves and to one another.
  2. I was tired of seeing people shamed for liking what they like. I wanted to create a community of people who encourages each other to be unapologetic nerd.
  3. These guys, my best friends, have so much knowledge on these topics, it HAD to be shared with the world.

I had moved to Florida and got a new job where I met Greg. Then there was this one night, when I just needed to get out of the house, and we went out for a drive. I vented about my personal problems and somehow ended up talking about Wonder Woman. I was so passionate and excited as I told him just how Wonderful she is. Like how the fact that when she blocks a bullet, she isn’t just lucky and it doesn’t end up causing collateral damage and injuring innocents. No, it isn’t luck at all, it is her reaction time and perception, she knows where she is putting that bullet every time she blocks it. Greg’s enthusiasm matched mine, and it hit me right then…. I want to excite everyone with this information. Even if they don’t have the time to sit down and read a comic book, they deserve to know, they need to know.

From that moment, Greg and I began working, for months, to build Nerdsplain It from a simple conversation about Wonder Woman. It was almost a year later when I told House about this plan, and slowly but surely we planned and we prepared, and eventually we just had to jump in and start recording. It wasn’t an easy start but I can say, I will never regret throwing the fear aside and asking the guys to Nerdsplain It to me.